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Motorhome Business


Hymer AG is a caravan and motorhome manufacturer in Bad Waldsee, Germany. The company is one of the most successful manufacturers of recreational vehicles in Europe. Hymer AG also own the following brands: Burstner, Eriba, Niesmann & Bischoff and Laika. Hymer motorhomes have an excellent reputation regarding design, build quality and reliability.

Members of the Hymer family owned a repair workshop in Bad Waldsee from 1923 onwards. Erich Bachem Hymer made the first caravan to fulfil a customer order in 1956 and a year later Erwin Hymer designed the first Eriba range, which were named Trolls. The company became known as Hymer AG, and began making the Eriba-Troll range in 1958. Hymer produced their first motorhome, which was called the Caravano, in 1961. Serial production of Hymer motorhomes began in 1971.

Hymer took over Niesmann & Bischoff GmbH in 1996, adding Burstner to their portfolio two years later. Hymer AG acquired the Italian motorhome manufacturer Laika in the year 2000. The statistics speak for themselves; in the financial year 2010-2011 the Hymer Group reported a turnover of 792 million euros, having built 14,243 motorhomes and 6,317 caravans that year. They currently employ a workforce of around 2,600 people and have factories in Germany, France and Italy.