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Medium Size Motorhomes


This video features my personal favourite at the moment the Chausson Flash 03 Motorhome, this is what we term the medium size motorhome. I like this model very much as although it is a six berth model, it is perfect for my family of 2 adults and 2 children. I especially like the twin bunks at the rear for the kids, they are still quite young so they like to know where their beds are, which becomes their own personal space. They are actually full size single beds, so they also work well for adults too. Lets listen to Andrew explain further.

Vanessa: Right now on Motorhome TV we’re going to discuss the medium hire option, the Flash 03, and Andrew who would this vehicle suit?

Andrew: It’s ideal for families basically, and two adults and two kids is what we recommend. The reason for that is because it gives you separate sleeping accommodation for each child so you’ve got one bunk each and then the parents or adults in the front. Of course it could work well for two couples as long as you don’t mind sleeping in separate bunks at the back. Like all the vehicles it has a TV, DVD, air conditioning, cruise control, and all the things you’d expect in a modern car, but obviously in a motorhome.

Vanessa: And what do you particularly like about it?

Andrew: Well I like the fact that it’s got the separate sleeping accommodation and the garage. It gives you a real flexibility so you can carry a lot of your own stuff, you’ve got the bike racks on the back so you keep all of your space in the vehicle, and the king sized double bed is certainly my favourite.

Vanessa: And of course for the garage that’s relevant for pets because you can actually carry a dog in the dog carrier in the back garage?

Andrew: That’s right Vanessa you can put a full sized dog carrying cage in the rear and there’s no problem at all in terms of safety or comfort for the animals at any time. What I also like about the Flash 03 is the fact that it’s got a flexible living accommodation in terms of the sleeping requirements. You can actually sleep up to six people in the vehicle by using the dinette, which folds down to give you another double bed.

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